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David Richards is also Chairman and Chief Executive Prodrive Group as well as Chairman Aston Martin. David visited the AutoHorizon Studio and was interested in the program to showcase local industry, our design and engineering capacity and links to education.

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Jamie in a suit !!


Jamie Downie, coachbuilder and volunteer/consultant to the FR –1 Project for the last seven years was recently awarded a prestigious “International Specialised Skills Institute/DEEWR Trades Fellowship” funded by DEEWR, Australian Government. Jamie will travel to the USA to train with legendary American coachbuilder Faye Butler, acquiring world’s best practice skills and knowledge in the effective use of the Power Hammer and Air Planishing Hammer. Jamie will also interview industry manufacturers and tradesmen on his Overseas Fellowship Study Program. His findings will be published in a report. Call ISS on 03 9882 0055 for your copy. International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS Institute) is an independent, national organisation known for providing exciting and unique opportunities for Australians to enhance their capabilities in-line with the world's best.

Jamie's report to the ISS

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