AutoHorizon – an independent not-for profit foundation helping young people

Mission Statement

AutoHorizon is an independent not-for-profit foundation. AutoHorizon’s core focus is to inspire young people to explore the limits of their capabilities through their involvement with the automotive industry. Coordinated though its board of directors, AutoHorizon is focused on charitable, research and educational activities. AutoHorizon relies upon the goodwill and support of many of the country’s largest and most well known automotive, technology, media, professional services and quasi-government organisations.

Key strategic activities

AutoHorizon has a number of strategic initiatives that it is working towards to achieve the foundation’s goals. Some of these include:

  • Sourcing support from the automotive sector and providing opportunities to showcase Australian automotive technology and capability.
  • Developing and facilitating the carrying out of research in relation to innovative technology relating to the automotive industry, including flow on intellectual property that can be commercialised for the financial benefit of the foundation.
  • Developing individual fundraising projects in the form of special “one-off” motor vehicles, each having elements of design or innovation that will attract the attention and support of industry, governments, the community and individuals.

Charitable and educational activities

The goals of AutoHorizon are supported through a range of charitable and educational activities. There are four avenues through which this is being achieved:

  • Scholarships – AutoHorizon provides educational scholarships to eligible talented individuals wishing to enter the automotive industry but without the financial capacity to do so.
  • Donations – AutoHorizon is actively involved in supporting a range of youth oriented groups such as: Hand Brake Turn; Very Special Kids; Kids with Cancer; Challenge; Starlight; and Evolve
  • Community engagement - our involvement at a grass-roots level enables disadvantaged or misguided youth to engage with motor industry and motor sport leaders, to assist them to gain the confidence to explore their capabilities; consider career opportunities and further education options; as well as providing seriously ill children with uplifting experiences.
  • Education – In conjunction with government, industry and private sector educators and curriculum developers, AutoHorizon is developing a range of secondary and tertiary educational programs with an automotive focus. The aim is to provide vocational guidance and over time, enhance the skills-base from learning outcomes derived through innovation and technological advancements showcased in the individual fundraising projects.

Sources of funding

Funding for AutoHorizon’s activities and support of its charitable and educational scholarships come from a range of avenues:

  • Financial donations.
  • Government grants directed at automotive innovation.
  • Sale of intellectual property rights relating to any IP developed through the individual fundraising projects.
  • “In kind” contributions from industry and like-minded parties into fundraising projects.
  • Realisation of fundraising project vehicles through auction, raffle or sale of completed fundraising vehicles.

Project Sponsors
Monocoque carbon fibre chassis utlising Quickstep Technology supplied by VCAMM Gen III GM V8 High Performance 6 Speed Gearbox Titanium/Carbon Fibre double wishbones and Control Arms Formula 1 inspired steering geometry Titanium upright using DMD Technology from VCAMM