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National Science Week in Victoria is running a Science Mini-Zine Competition.

We would like to invite you to participate in and help promote this event. Please post this event on your website and encourage members of your organisation to participate. We look forward to seeing some amazing mini-zines from all around Australia.

Science Mini-Zine Competition
Think you're more artist than scientist? Let art and science combine to form the Mini-Zine! As part of National Science Week (Aug 14-22) Australians are being asked to make their own science mini magazines or zines.

Often handwritten, and produced by photocopy, zines enable their authors to "rearrange" other media. There is a growing movement to use zines to promote science to those who thinks it's boring, un-cool or even irrelevant.

A mini-zine is a short booklet made from a single A4 page you can publish yourself about something you feel passionate about.

This year the National Science Week Coordinating Committee (Victoria) invites you to design your own zine and enter our competition. Winners will have their zine distributed at National Science Week events in Victoria.

Print out a zine, fold and cut along the edges, and presto: a short and nifty guide to the science of cephalopods, protein structures, DNA-based computing, or the human gut.

Grab your zine template here: And zine folding instructions here:

What to write about? Something scientific that you think is interesting, bizarre, funny or profound. Something that you think is worth writing or drawing about. Think of a great science story and tell it.

Prizes include: * The chance to have dinner with a scientist in your area of interest. * A subscription to COSMOS magazine * A crocheted brain and many more!

Contest deadline: Entries must be in our inbox by July 31st 2010. Include your full name, suburb, phone number, category and age in the email PDF Entries to:

Contest winners: Winners of the competition will have their mini-zine printed and distributed in Melbourne/Victoria during National Science Week, so don't forget to sign your mini-zine!

Categories: Primary Secondary Open (for anyone and everyone)

For more information check out:

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