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FR1 Education ACE Students

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The education outcomes of the FR1 project are to:

  • create units of work, based upon the FR1 and other concept car projects, which support curriculum in Design and Technology studies and VCAL
  • highlight the career pathways that are available in the area of automotive design
  • provide an exemplar demonstrating how industry and education can work together
  • highlight the advantages of linking with a major industry partner GM Holden and in particular Holden Design.

The project will explain and clarify various work roles in the automotive design process and detail career pathways into design, construction, media and management areas with automotive design. In particular careers in

  • automotive clay modelling
  • digital sculpting
  • colour and trim design
  • technical design
  • creative hard modelling (fabrication)

Strategies to meet the education outcomes of the FR1 Scoping Report include:

  • A website using FR1 and EFIJY material to meet learning outcomes in the - VCE, VCAL and VELS
  • Development of career resources e.g. ‘hero sheets’ on new and emergent occupations within automotive design
  • Automotive design competition
  • Industry tours – Fox Classic Car Collection, Automotive Centre of Excellence and GM Holden
  • Industry guest speakers e.g. Tony Stolfo key note speaker at DATTA Vic conference
  • Professional development for teachers on how to best use the above resources

Learning Module 1 - Chassis Design

Roll the mouse over various parts if the car to view further details

It all starts with a few lines on paper...

And then the computer helps out...

Project Sponsors
Monocoque carbon fibre chassis utlising Quickstep Technology supplied by VCAMM Gen III GM V8 High Performance 6 Speed Gearbox Titanium/Carbon Fibre double wishbones and Control Arms Formula 1 inspired steering geometry Titanium upright using DMD Technology from VCAMM